Commercial Cleaning is the company you should call when your facilities need a commercial clean. Not only is Commercial Cleaning Maryland’s leading commercial cleaning company, but it offers excellent services at an affordable price. Commercial Cleaning cares about its employees, ensures customer satisfaction, and knows what it means to put in hard work.
Commercial Cleaning’s background’s roots are paramount to its current success. This Maryland-based company began as the product of Jennifer Ehrlich’s efforts. Ehrlich grew up watching her father successfully run his real-estate business. Due to her father’s success, Ehrlich was taught to value financial autonomy at a young age. She took this idea and cleaned houses after school to make her own money. In her immediate years after high school, Ehrlich continued to commercially clean and learned more about this type of business. It is for this reason that Commercial Cleaning began.
After eighteen years of working to clean for other people, her parents finally convinced her to start her own business. Ehrlich was excited to be able to be her own boss, and in the Fall of 2006, she officially began Commercial Cleaning. Within 6 months, she was able to land her firm’s first $500,000+ annual contract. It was through hard work and determination that Ehrlich was able to create and succeed at running her own business, Commercial Cleaning.
Flash forward to the year 2021- Commercial Cleaning now offers a wide variety of services that range from carpet cleaning, floor refinishing, window cleaning, condominium cleaning, distribution center, and manufacturing center cleaning and post-construction cleaning in the Greater Baltimore Area. If these services do not include what a customer needs, then Commercial Cleaning will work to create a custom cleaning plan that works within the customer’s needs and budget. Commercial Cleaning not only deep cleans but can give your environment or facility a new look; help your business look its best at all times with regular scheduled cleanings.
Commercial Cleaning respects both your budget and your time; Commercial Cleaning understands that the cost of shutting down an entire building for cleaning is expensive. Prior to cleaning, customers discuss with the company what is best to minimize downtime while allowing for effective cleaning. This is especially important when it comes to protecting our customers and community from the spread of COVID-19.
During the Coronavirus pandemic, Commercial Cleaning understands that people are constantly worried about health and safety. It has partnered with other companies to ensure that the solution to COVID-19 can be a community effort. Commercial Cleaning has worked quickly to create a streamlined cleaning process to help customers feel safe. Commercial Cleaning wants to put customers’ minds and wallets at ease when it comes to COVID-19 disinfection. Commercial Cleaning guarantees to be on-site within 4 hours to begin services while providing a timely response to businesses that have confirmed cases at a cost-effective rate. There are service providers in the market that are charging $1.00 to $2.00 per square foot to come out and disinfect facilities. Commercial Cleaning has elected to provide this solution at a much more competitive and customized rate. When a request comes in, we guide our customers on their next steps while awaiting our team to arrive on-site to mitigate their risks and contain the issue. Call Commercial Cleaning today!

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