Endure is a proprietary, water-based, nano-polymeric fusion that is safe for humans, animals, and the environment. It completely seals, protects, and enhances surfaces, hard and soft, from atmospheric pollutants, soil adhesion, corrosion, static, and UV degradation.

While detergents, bleach, or ammonia only clean surfaces for a short period of time, then evaporate, leaving the surface susceptible to re-contamination. EcoSeal Finest and Fortify applied to clean surfaces penetrate and fuse with the surface, filling micro and nanovoids and fissures, to help keep it clean and sanitized for an extended cleaning regimen requiring few or no dangerous chemicals.

As long as light is available, these technologies will make nanoscopic oxidizing cleaners which help light eliminate ANY organic pathogens and pollutants; and provide a micro-thin film of water that helps rain or motion whisk away any residue from vertical surfaces. Endure uses a natural process that sanitizes and deodorizes treated surfaces long term. Like the way a plant’s chlorophyll helps produce food for the plant when it receives light; both Nano-
titanium dioxide (TiO2) and Nano-zinc oxide (ZnO) catalyze light to produce super oxides and hydroxyl radicals, similar to hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). Called nature’s “cleansers”, they are considered two of the most powerful natural, safe sanitizing, and cleaning catalysts. Hydrogen peroxide is used extensively in medicine and industry as a sanitizer and cleanser that “boils” away pollutants at room temperature.

TiO2 is a natural mineral used in thousands of household products, including toothpaste, sunblock, lipstick, and even white chocolate; and ZnO is used in sunblock and antiseptic creams, as well as many cosmetic products.

This photocatalytic oxidization (PCO) process eliminates (oxidizes) any bacteria, virus, or pollutant on or near the treated surface with natural or artificial light. As the bacteria are oxidized, their “shell” is cracked and the oxygen molecules convert the bacteria’s internal plasma into a submicroscopic film of water and harmless CO2. This invisible film of water, called hydro-felicity, helps keep ANY dirt or atmospheric pollutants from sticking to the surfaces, so it is easily rinsed away with rain or a damp wipe, making the surface virtually self-cleaning. Indoor air is purified by the process as well, as it flows across any treated surfaces.

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