Commercial Cleaning cares about its customers. You’re probably thinking, “Doesn’t everyone care about their customers?”. Yes, I am sure that they do, but Commercial Cleaning can back that up with our track record of success and customer retention. It is essential to us that you know and feel like we value you. We make sure that you know we care based on our actions and not only our words.

Commercial Cleaning has not missed a scheduled cleaning in 14 years! We are dedicated to our customers; if an employee calls out sick, then we will get someone to cover that cleaning. On several occasions, our owner, Ms. Jennifer Ehrlich has been the one to show up in place of the absentee employee. It is extremely important that customers see that Commercial Cleaning is there for you no matter what. Inclement weather, illness, or any other situation that arises will not prevent Commercial Cleaning from keeping our scheduled appointment to come clean for you; if the business we are scheduled to clean is still open, then we will be there as promised. We have high expectations of our employees and all are aware at the time of hiring that we stand in a class of our own. Just because a previous employer may have allowed missed cleanings, we do not. Our priority is to provide 100% of our commitments to 100% of our customers, 100% of the time, with no exceptions. We maintain a lower turnover rate of employees than is industry standard based on compensation, incentives, and opportunities to grow within the organization. We simply do our best to deliver the most reliable service possible. Not only can you trust that we will arrive when scheduled, but you can trust that we stay true to our high standard of care. This starts with our employees.

We ensure that all employees have the necessary training and skills needed to make your experience the best it can be. A Commercial Cleaning employee must meet standards in order to remain a member of our team. Commercial Cleaning provides on-site management of our staff in each facility without interrupting the customer operation. We believe in consistently re-training employees in order to continually strive to raise these standards. Having hands-on learning experience is extremely important to us, and we will always take the time to re-train an employee if needed. We pride ourselves on upholding quality control via operations management! It is our job to take our customers out of the cleaning business!

Our attention to detail and commitment to quality and timeliness has helped us maintain lasting relationships with customers; we have a wide range of clients who we have been partnered with for over a decade. We are accustomed to providing strict background checks for high-profile clients who may need a higher level of security. Because of this, you can trust that the employees assigned to your account are able to work around sensitive or even top secret information that you are responsible for keeping secure. We have maintained our relationships with these high-profile clients for years, and we plan on continuing with those partnerships for years to come. Contact us today to experience our high quality of care for yourself!

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