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Commercial Floor Cleaning Services Near Me

Whether you are running a Manufacturing or Distribution Center or have high traffic from your customers, commercial flooring represents a considerable capital outlay. However expensive your flooring or hard surface, floors can start looking dull, dingy, and damaged very quickly.
They can get scratched and damaged by the grit, dirt, grease, and oils brought in from high traffic of employees and customers, causing unsightly damage that results in your place of business not looking as clean as it could. Enter our commercial floor cleaning & refinishing services.
To prevent your floors from looking dirty and damaged, Commercial Cleaning, Inc. offers professional floor cleaning and maintenance for all types of floors, including:

Vinyl Floors

Tile Floors

Quarry/Ceramic Flooring

Laminate Floors

Linoleum Flooring

Concrete Flooring

Stone Floors

And more

We use top quality cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing techniques, specialized equipment, and cleaning products for floor care and the best commercial-grade janitorial floor wax in our commercial floor care services. Your floors will find new life and be fully protected with our thorough floor maintenance service.
Visit our commercial carpet cleaning page for information on those services.


Keep Your  Commercial Flooring Looking Its Best

For floor cleaning systems you can count on, call Commercial Cleaning Inc. today for your free no-obligation estimate on floor cleaning! FREE carpet cleaning (foyer, hallway, or office) with every estimate*!


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* Post Construction projects not included with the FREE carpet cleaning estimate.

Comprehensive Commercial Floor Care Services

We go beyond a mop and a bucket when it comes to your commercial floors. We’re talking about deep cleaning. Our commercial floor care services include:

Floor Disinfecting & Sanitizing

Floor Scrubbing and Recoating

Floor Stripping and Sealing

Floor Waxing

Floor Buffing and Burnishing

Tile and Grout Cleaning

No matter your hard floor surface, Commercial Cleaning, Inc. has the specialized floor care techniques to give your flooring new life. Our equipment is state of the art and well cared for ensuring that we provide the best possible floor cleaning service to keep your floors looking shiny and new. We offer a standard floor cleaning program as part of our regularly scheduled commercial cleaning and janitorial services, or as a standalone service, based on your needs.

Prolong the Cleanliness and Safety of Your Floors

As an add-on service, you may want to consider the application of our floor sealant after a through disinfecting and sanitizing process. We offer our “Disinfect and Seal” service to all of our commercial clients. If you need to thoroughly disinfect your facility, and keep it disinfected, our product CC Outlast can help.

We apply this 2nd Tier disinfecting product after we have thoroughly disinfected your commercial flooring. This non-toxic sealant protects your floors for 90 days, eliminating the need for intermediate spraying. CC Outlast does this by using fusion-bonded Nanotechnology. One result of the science of nanotechnology is that CC Outlast goes beyond merely coating the floor; it actually bonds with the floor surface, sealing invisible pores and fissures without adding weight or dimension.

This seal ultimately protects your floors from germs, viruses, and mold spores for 90 days. . Visit our surface sealants page for more information on the science behind CC Outlast.

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What Some Of Our Clients Are Saying


KIDS FIRST Swim Schools would genuinely like to thank you for the hard work and spectacular appearance that you’ve brought to our new Home Office. After the painters finished with our 10,000 square foot building, our floors were a disaster. You offered a reasonable solution to our dilemma and were willing to get on the project right away. You worked very hard to meet our deadline and the finish was spectacular. Shortly after you finished the work, we hosted over 100 employees and family members in our new facility and everyone was amazed at the transformation. We really appreciate what you did for us and we would definitely recommend you to any business in need of special cleaning solutions. You will certainly be hearing from us as we address other projects in the future. Thank you once again.

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If your facility’s floors need some TLC, use our contact form or call us at (443) 866-6185 to request a FREE commercial floor cleaning or refinishing estimate. We offer our services 24/7, 365 days a year, to accommodate your schedule. Your complete customer satisfaction is our goal.


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