Back in late February 2020, the news was going crazy with reports on Coronavirus. We had no idea what that was or what impact it would have on the world, let alone our business. As the story developed and we began to see how serious this was, our first thought was that our customers were going to be forced to close their doors and in essence, we may have to lay 33 employees off. Actually, the exact opposite occurred. Our customers began requesting that we provide more staffing and more frequent cleanings. Our business volume basically doubled overnight. We began hiring as many people as we could to keep up with the demand. We were forced to learn as much as we could about containment of the virus and how to properly disinfect facilities when a confirmed case was discovered. Through the EPA for proper products and the CDC for proper procedures, we immersed ourselves in order to provide the right response when a customer requested our help. The issues we were faced with were the availability of electrostatic spraying equipment, “Fog rated” disinfectants, and the price to acquire both were overinflated. We made a decision at that time that we needed to be part of the solution to the pandemic vs becoming part of the problem. We decided that we were not going to overcharge like a lot of the other companies were doing. We felt that it was our responsibility to provide affordable and timely support because quite simply, our customer’s very survival depended on their ability to afford to continue to stay open. To say it has been difficult would be an understatement but we have managed to maintain our core business of Janitorial services while adding Emergency Disinfection. Our hope is that life will return to normal and the extra service ceases to be needed. Until that time, Commercial Cleaning will continue to provide exceptional, yet affordable service and do whatever we can to be a part of the solution. We are proud to say that we have risen to the occasion and continue to be a critical part of the equation relative to beating the Coronavirus and assisting our customers with their safety and continued success.

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