Summertime is the best time to visit local parks and recreation spots. Unfortunately, in the sticky heat of the Summer, the restrooms at these places often do not meet our expectations of “clean”. Although life can be hectic, it is important not to let your business fall below your guests’ standards for cleanliness.

Power washing restrooms is an excellent place to start when you are not able to refinish your restroom floors in the Summer. Sometimes in the muggy heat, especially in the Baltimore area, it can be difficult to refinish floors due to the humidity. Commercial Cleaning offers an efficient and effective service to fit your needs in the Summertime.

The Kaivac machine was designed for this purpose exactly; the machine pressure washes tile walls, toilets, sinks, and mirrors. When used in tandem with a power scrubber, your restroom will be sanitized from top to bottom. With employees and visitors sweating more in the heat, Kaivac cleanings are your best bet for a sanitized space that looks and smells fresh.

While this service is great to focus on in the Summer, Commercial Cleaning recommends that you perform this service monthly or quarterly. Call Commercial Cleaning today for a free quote! It’s time to get your business back to its standard of cleanliness.

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