Due to Covid-19, we have all taken on different roles this past year. We have supported our friends, families, employees, and staff in new ways than ever before. One way in particular that businesses have done this is by trying (and failing) to provide sufficient in-house cleaning. Although some changes will be here to stay, in-house cleaning should be one of the past.

Companies find themselves stretched thin by juggling their business and their ability to maintain cleanliness according to the CDC cleaning guidelines. Many companies have been cleaning their space themselves, but they have been faced with many challenges. Many businesses struggle with maintaining proper staffing. Although the impacts of covid-19 are continuously decreasing over time, we cannot back down on our vigilance in regard to cleaning standards. Companies find themselves at a loss for a course of action when their full staff is not present or when their cleaning staff does not come to work. 

While we still need to be attentive in our cleaning procedures, it may be time for you to alleviate some of your stress by bringing in a cleaning service for your business. Allow Commercial Cleaning to take care of these challenges for you. Allow Commercial Cleaning to ensure that your company is clean, your employees are efficient, and that your business is booming. If you hire Commercial Cleaning, we will take YOU out of the cleaning business. 

Not only will Commercial Cleaning assuage your stressors when it comes to in-house cleaning, but we guarantee to show up. Since our inception in 2006, we have never missed a scheduled cleaning due to illness, weather, or any other extenuating circumstance. If your business is open, then we will be present for our scheduled time. Hire us and we will take the strain of making sure your building is a safe and clean environment off of your plate! Spend your time focused on what you do; we will focus on what we do, which is provide 100% quality service, 100% of the time!

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